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Tips for insuring a zero cost car

Some tips are extremely important and you should be aware of them before taking out a policy.

Having a good insurance for a new car is an indispensable accessory for those who live in big cities. But how can you be sure you’ve made a good deal on insuring your new car? The best advice is to look for a good broker, as nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find significant price differences between insurers. But in addition to this, there are other tips for keeping your new car well insured. Check it out.

Don’t know any insurance broker?

Seek out family and friends and ask them for the contact details of the broker who insured them. Ask for references, it is the best opportunity to make no mistake. Another important tip is to make sure that the broker offers a range of modern and competitive plans, preferably with reputable insurers. Being affiliated with a good company will be good for you.

Remember that you will need insurance in an unpleasant moment, such as in case of theft or accident, so you need fast and efficient assistance. Unfortunately, very small or little-known companies cannot offer all the necessary support.

Exception to the rule

When you buy a new car, check that the manufacturer has insurance companies you can trust. Generally, the values offered can be as low as half of what the broker offers. Examples are SUVs and Jeeps.

Wide coverage

It’s your car that’s in the conversation, so don’t skimp on coverage. There are currently two options: one with a fixed value, in which the owner chooses how much he wants to receive in the event of a loss, and another with the market value, based on a table with preset values. Betting on the given amount is not a good option, as it is a sure loss.

It is better to opt for the value adopted in the Fipe Table. In addition, do not forget to include in your policy the coverage of Facultative Civil Liability of Vehicles (RCF-v), which includes material and bodily damages to third parties.

Also, when choosing a type, opt for one that covers your zero carbon car against theft, robbery and collision. The difference in the final price is minimal, ranging from 5 to 10% of the price of a single modality. It is therefore much more advantageous to have coverage in all three forms.

Additional Services

As a way of building customer loyalty, many insurers offer extra services incorporated into their insurance rates, such as towing, 24-hour locksmith, dry breakdown protection and even a mechanic to change the tire if it goes flat. These services are a sort of convenience that adds very little to the final cost of insuring a new car. It is worthwhile to contract these services, unless you already have the assistance of the factory or your credit card issuer.

Women pay less for insurance

Did you know that women pay cheaper insurance? This is because statistics show that most traffic accidents are caused by men. On a popular car, for example, a 30-year-old man pays insurance of R$2,700. A woman of the same age pays insurance of R$1,900. That is, almost 30% less. This means that it is worth leaving the car and zero car insurance in your wife’s name if she is the one who drives the family car the most. But…

Do not attempt to deceive the insurance company

When you fill out the profile, don’t even think of telling little lies like your wife is the one who drives the car the most when you are the one who is with it 90% of the time, or that your car stays in the garage when it is on the road all day. These little lies seem harmless, but they can jeopardize your indemnity, because insurance companies are in the habit of checking all information and, in these cases, they will prove fraud.

Bonus insurance

Have you paid for the whole year’s insurance and not used it? You get bonuses! And you can keep the bonus even if you change insurance companies. The advantage of the bonus is that you pay less when you renew your car insurance. These bonuses range between 10% and 15% from the first to the second year, and thereafter between 6% and 7% per annum.

Check the value of the franchise

Please note that the higher the deductible, the lower the value of the policy. In other words, before choosing the highest deductible, remember that you will have to pay all expenses below this amount. It is worthwhile to put the budget and see what is most advantageous.

First look at the insurance and then buy the car

That’s because some cars are cheaper than the value of their premiums. That is why, when buying a new car, you should analyze its insurance before closing the deal.